2018 Film Schedule

Sunday, September 23rd

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Sunday, September 23rd @ 3:00 PM

After 10 years of hiding, Stephen confronts the Salesman to whom he sold his soul; unaware that the demon has fallen in love with him.

Lillian Hoffhienze-Bachman and her family move into the previously abandoned Hoffhienze ancestral home, where their hopeful new start becomes tainted by the discovery of a century's worth of abuse, dysfunction and violence. Lillian becomes consumed by her sordid ancestry, terrified that the past might dictate her son's future. The grisly events of the past 100 years are revealed through the eyes of the family's victims... including the moose head hanging on the mantel wall.


Sunday, September 23rd @ 5:15 PM

Patrick Creedle is one of London's more obnoxious letting agents and a man who's used to getting exactly what he wants - but on this particular day Patrick's world is about to crumble as he crosses paths with a most unusual nemesis - a man that may just save him from the end of the world.

Alice is under the dining table, curled up in the shadows, alone and with a big kitchen knife in her hands. At her side, a few meters away, is the lifeless body of Michael, her father. Next to the corpse, on the floor, a cellphone starts ringing: There's still hope.

A homeless drifter with traces of pure gold in his blood, accidentally unleashes his secret while experimenting with extraction methods and everyone wants in on the fortune.

A lonely gallery owner who meets a dangerously seductive performance artist and discovers they have more in common than expected.

Richard has an unusual fantasy: he is sexually aroused by the idea of being eaten by an animal or monster. Through a contact ad he meets the mysterious Max and with that encounter the chance to fulfill his depraved fantasy. Can Richard escape his dark desires or not?

A Creepypasta short film based loosely on an urban legend that originated via email in early 2000. It’s subject line simply read: “If you read one disgusting story this year . . . LET IT BE THIS ONE !

Jane suffers from haphephobia (the pathological fear of touch), tormented by years of loneliness and isolation she orders a synthetic love doll online to nightmarish consequences.


Sunday, September 23rd @ 7:30 PM

Creeping; verb; a nightly practice of invading people's houses while they're home and lurking in the shadow of their lives without being caught. After a night out, a young woman is unknowingly followed into her home by her "ride-share" driver - resulting in a dangerous game of cat and mouse that explores the lengths people will go to connect in the modern world.

On Alex’s farewell party with his friends, three strange invaders will kidnap them with the only goal of playing twisted mortal games while they stream it, turning all this insane torture into a viral show.


Sunday, September 23rd @ 9:45 PM

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