Tib and Scott arrive late to class after meeting with the principal because they were fighting over Kelly. A scream out in the hall snaps the class to attention. It got in. That's what it does. At zero hour, Tib, Kelly, and Anne Marie are among the fast few who escape from their classroom alive- Scott does not. Once outside, everyone becomes embroiled in a deadly game of hide and go seek; Tib and Kelly head off in one direction, while Anne Marie leads a small group of fellow students in another. Running through the bedlam of their suburban town, these kids try like hell to reunite with their parents.

A woman traveling alone in the Low Country is stranded where others have recently gone missing.

Two college students are found with their hearts cut out, in an upscale private community in small town California, after being terrorized the night before by one or more unknown individuals. An exemplary young female detective, Hana, finds herself in charge of the case at the insistence of a known serial killer, Heartless. She is joined by a stand out female detective from Texas, Katrina, who had already been chosen by him a year earlier. Heartless only plays his game with topnotch women who may challenge him and they discover the others lost more than their lives to his calculated mind. Finding a flaw in his seamless torment is the only way they can hope to survive. Everyone is a player and no one is left unscathed by this deadly game of Cat and Mouse.

During the Depression, a black sharecropper's burning desire to be a traveling Bluesman leads him to sell his soul to Satan at a Mississippi crossroads to become the greatest guitarist ever, but the pact unleashes two vicious Hellhounds that will doggedly pursue him for eternity.

A lonely security guard vomits up a tiny creature and decides to raise it as his own.

A controlling but caring single mom brings a suspicious new husband and his creepy son into her home, and in doing so, destroys the one person she loves more than anyone - her daughter.

Six desperate patients in a foreboding asylum. Seven gruesome stories reveal one horrible truth. An Anthology Horror Story.

A psychiatrist makes an emergency house call to help a schizophrenic eleven year old but is met with resistance from the boy’s “imaginary” friends.

In a last-ditch effort to save their failing relationship, Allison and Bobby embark on a spider-eating adventure into the remote Australian Outback, accompanied by a "Strange Foods" television crew. Their trip coincides with the arrival of a mysterious and eco-conscious spider fanatic as well as the spiders' own violent retaliation -- turning the "tables" on the hapless tourists.

A young man wakes in a field every morning only to repeat the same day over and over again as he's brutally murdered in increasingly elaborate and ridiculous ways.

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