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London's first and second major television roles were playing Nathan on the critically acclaimed 1991–1993 drama series I'll Fly Away. His brother Jason stepped in for Jeremy for the final episode of the show. In 1995 he played T.S. Quint in Kevin Smith's second film, Mallrats. In 1997, he joined the cast of the hit Fox series Party of Five, playing Griffin for three seasons, after serving as a recurring guest star. He then went on to play a young minister named Chandler Hampton on 7th Heaven from 2002 to 2004. His 7th Heaven character had a father with lung cancer, much like Jeremy's real-life family members. He has since been in many TV serials, TV movies and feature films.


Geretta Geretta is an African-American actress, director, screenwriter and producer. She has starred in such classic Italian horror films as Lucio Fulci's MurderRock, Bruno Mattei's Rats: Night of Terror and Shocking Dark, and Lamberto Bava's Demoni. She is currently working on her first novel, tentatively titled I Was Young and Needed Money, which chronicles her early years as a horror Scream Queen.


Jim Klock is a 15 year veteran police officer. Since changing careers from law enforcement to filmmaking, Jim has had much success producing such films as Trials of Cate McCall starring Kate Beckinsale and Nick Nolte and There’s Always Woodstock with Katey Segal and Brittany Snow. As well as writing and directing several feature films including Murder Eleven and River Guard. Most recently, Jim had a recurring role, acting opposite Jamie Lee Curtis, in season one of Scream Queens.


A graduate of the Long Island University's Film program, Phillips went on to study Media Arts at South Carolina University. A director and self-taught cinematographer, Phillips takes on the additional role of producer within The Paradise Collective, as well as acting as artist management for several of the collective's members. Phillips draws upon his own professional experiences to mentor and motivate the artist members of The Paradise Collective. He endeavors to help them find the shortest distance between concept and success.


The Boxleitner brothers were born and raised in Los Angeles, California. They have had a love for horror cinema and have been making films with each other since they were children.   The brothers are currently raising funds for their feature, Die! Sitter! Die! This film Die! Sitter! Die! : Rupert is one segment, and proof of concept, of the anthology movie the brothers are planning to have finished by Halloween of next year.


Anthony Cousins is a director/cinematographer raised on films like Cronenberg's The Fly and Carpenter's The Thing. Anthony is fascinated with the unknown and is determined to tell stories exploring what unimaginable things could be lurking in the dark.


Tim Stevens first discovered his love for cinema at a young age watching classic gothic horror films like The Cabinet of Dr. Calegari and Nosferatu. It was a discovery that film could be art and take audiences to places they never imagined. Tim continued his love of film by attending film school at the University of North Texas. Having graduated, Tim currently writes, directs, and produces short films that express his love of horror, fantasy, and avant-garde.


Taylor Sardoni is an LA-based screenwriter/producer. Growing up on an unhealthy dose of episodes of The Simpsons and The Twilight Zone, Taylor set out to write dark genre pieces with a tinge of the absurd. He went on to study Film/TV Production at NYU and received his MFA in screenwriting/TV writing from Columbia University. This past year, Taylor has had five of his feature-length screenplays optioned by various companies, two of which are slated for production in early-2017. Most recently, an original pilot he wrote was selected as a nominee for a HUMANITAS Prize and a short he wrote is up for an HBO Production grant. His favorite film is 1983’s Sleepaway Camp and he is proud of it. Taylor is currently repped by CSP Management.


"Living on the Verge" is the only way to live life for this Creative Spirit. Born in Hotlanta, and since 1999 calling the City of Angels home, Roderick is the happiest when creating. At this point in life he's been a Writer/Producer/Photographer/Actor and loves the challenges that each brings. In his 20's, Roderick spent a lot of time in New Orleans and learned how to Love Life and Live in the Moment! For that, New Orleans will always have a piece of his heart.


En Route tells the story of a woman traveling alone in the Low Country who is stranded where others have recently gone missing.


Kelly Jean Karam has experienced a father who is a felon, colicky babies, selling cosmetics, waiting tables and substitute teaching. All of that has played a role in becoming the kind of award-winning screenwriter who strives to bring magic, authenticity and real human experience to diverse characters you long to love OR really hate. In doing so, she tries to tenderly touch the human spirit with original stories you won’t ever forget.


Casey Rose Daniel was born and raised in New Jersey. She has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Filmmaking from the New York Film Academy. She is very creative, easy to work with, and loves anything scary. Her interests and passions reside in Writing and Directing Horror films.


In 2002, shortly after leaving RADA, Will founded the theatre company COUCH POTATO PRODUCTIONS. In 2003 he produced and directed the company’s inaugural show, The Owl & The Pussycat by Bill Manhoff. The company gained a reputation not only for the plays they produced, but also for the way in which they raised the money to produce them. In 2005, Will was part of a four-man team that rode a tandem bike across America, from Broadway to Hollywood.


Emilien De Falco is a French/American actor and martial artist living in Los Angeles. He started his career as a stuntman on the epic French  action film District B13U then moved to the United States to pursue his acting career. After portraying the French pirate "Alain Mersault" on Crossbones alongside John Malkovich, he worked on many action and martial arts films/series, notably with Jean Claude Vandamme (Jean Claude Van Johnson), Steven Seagal (The Perfect Weapon) and Scott Adkins (Boyka Undisputed). Emilien portrays "Swall" in Virtual Revolution.

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